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Childrens Book on Positive Separation

Tuesday Kind of Love is a story in a tropical jungle about a beautiful gorilla named Lani, meaning "heavenly" in Hawaiian. And A handsome monkey named Kanoa, meaning "the free one" in Hawaiian. They fall in love very quickly and make a family together having twins, Lili and Koi. As time goes on they realize they don't want the same life anymore and decide to separate. The handsome monkey Kanoa goes up to the trees and the beautiful gorilla Lani stays on the jungle ground. The kids go up to the trees on the weekends and stay with mommy gorilla during the week. They co-parent in a loving way showing appreciation for eachother and giving their family a new normal. This story is meant to give hope to other families who are separated or divorced and live in two households.

Illustrations by: Christy Johnson 


Christy is a freelance illustrator based in Worcester, England. From being spellbound by picture books as a child, she is delighted to contribute her artwork to a wonderful story about family and love. 

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